Do overs are totally possible

Whoever said do overs aren’t possible was dead wrong. Do you get a do over in every situation in life? No.  do over button

Can you get a do ever in a lot of situations? Oh yes!

Some great do over examples include, choosing a career path and deciding it’s not the right one. Do over.

You get married. Divorced. Then married again. To the same person, or a different one. Do over.

You said something harsh to someone then apologized. You got another chance. Do over.

See, do overs are everywhere.

What’s really going on with do overs is a form of self-evolution, growth, and change. It’s in the moment that something doesn’t go right with all its after affects that we see what we could do differently next time.

You change careers because you’ve gotten more clear on who you are, what you enjoy, and where you can share your gifts in the world of work.

You leave a relationship that isn’t working and now see why and what your part was in it. You now get to decide how you want to show up differently in another relationship.

Those harsh words you shared with someone let you know what was really going on inside of you and how you felt. Now you can decide if sharing that in the future in a new way might be more beneficial.

It’s just growth!

Which is exactly what I’ve done with my Life Coaching Business. A do over.

Closing the doors on my first life coaching business was a fabulous decision.

It let me know that my dream of having one that was successful on my terms was really important to me. And I discovered more clarity on the direction I wanted to go with it with a more solid game plan of how to achieve my goals.

If that’s not a do over, I don’t know what is.

I’m officially re-opening my Life Coaching Business doors as Susan Carroll Coaching.

If you've thought about working with me, you can check out what I have to offer here.

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