Do you know what makes you really happy?

I used to think I wanted to feel happy all the time. Think about it. Doesn’t the idea of feeling super happy and excited about your life 24/7 sound kind of amazing? I had this notion that if I felt incredibly happy I would feel motivated and inspired. I had visions of getting so much done because I would be “in the mood” to do it all.

Having grown up in Florida I often visited Disney World. Talk about being in a place where happy reigns. There is just something about walking through the gates into the Magic Kingdom, cue the Disney music, the blue birds singing in the manicured trees, the brightly colored, perfectly spaced flowers, the amazing clear sky, Mickey waving off in the distance…

Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

I love Disney. I do. But I couldn’t go every day. I found it’s actually tiring to feel that happy all the time and to go-go-go. Enjoy this! Have fun here!

Help- where do I get off?

Going to Disney is fun. Having fun makes me happy.

But true happiness is an inside job. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Yes, people, things, and experiences outside of us can bring us joy for sure.

Real happiness, however, comes from your approach to life.

Knowing deep down what makes your soul happy and doing that.

It could be the work you do in the world.

It could be your attitude when you have to stand in a long line at the store.

It could be the time you spend with your friends or significant other.

Or the walks you take with your dog.

Maybe the time you spend playing with your cat.

It could be the way you handle a person who you think has been rude to you.

It could even include knowing you need to get away and sit by the river to let nature fill you up again.

Do you know what makes you really happy?

If you do, go do it and be it.

If not, go find out.

Your happiness is waiting.

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