Going with the universal flow- The SLoWiNG DoWN Series

I’ve got a story to share about the speed of the universe and how everything works out perfectly if you give it time. I love the universe. After many years of reading a gazillion personal growth books and learning from my own and countless other’s experiences with it, I truly believe the universe is a friendly, loving, peaceful place here to support us human beings. But she has her own… perfect… time frame. Maybe not the one I’m on, but that’s okay. Going with the universal flow

The universe’s time frame is slower than mine but it works out so much better than any time frame I could imagine.

Here’s my story.

As you know, my husband and I decided to move to Oregon from Alaska this fall. As you’re reading this, we have probably already made it to Bend with our u-haul and 3 dogs. Not sure where we’re living right now because I wrote this 2 weeks before we left, and we didn’t have a plan. Adventure here we come! Pus we’re two smart adults, we know we’ll figure it out.

There’s a lot involved in selling a house. Getting it inspected, fixing all the things that the inspector found, selling a lot of your stuff, tying up loose ends, seeing people to say goodbye, finishing things up for jobs,  packing everything up you physically own, THEN heading down the highway for the week it will actually take to get to our destination.

But how do we time the selling of the items we want to get rid of. Do we do it a month ahead? A week ahead? Do we sell it all in one big garage sale or put it on Craigslist and sell it one item at a time?

Here’s what we did and here’s what happened.

It started with a garage sale. A lot of stuff went. But not all of it. Then a guy called a day later wondering if anything was left. We said yes and he came over. The cool thing was, he bought some of the stuff then asked about other things we might have to sell. Like things we just planned to take to the dump at the end. And he wanted to buy that stuff too. Next thing you know he asked if my husband would be selling his truck, which he was planning on doing but not until right before we left because he needed it for work. So now this guy plans to buy the truck. My husband also has a trailer he’s selling but not until the end and this first guy lets him know about another guy who wants to buy the trailer...

And the story keeps going in more crazy directions just like that. People know people who want to buy things and they are coming over and buying them. All in the perfect time. It didn’t happen all at once. The one garage sale didn’t do it. But it didn’t matter, the universe was busy working out the details so that we could get rid of what we needed to, make some money, and have things go to use in good homes. There is absolutely no way we could have planned that.

I share this because I think so many of us are in a hurry to get things done and know how everything is going to work out, all in a specific time. But there’s freedom in knowing what you want, working towards that goal, then letting the universe handle the time part.

We got what we needed and it all worked out. It actually all does work out if you notice. It might happen slower than you’d like. Possibly even better than you planned.

Are you willing to let go of your time frame?

What would going with the universal flow look like for you? Join the conversation on the blog by leaving a comment below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com

I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!