The Time Has Arrived!

Welcome to Bloom Time Life Coaching!!

I'm Susan Grace McDiarmid and this is my first blog post on my new website.

As many of you may (or may not know), building a website when technology ain't your thang, is hard. I mean really hard. Everything took way longer than I thought it ever could. Through blood, sweat, and yes, even tears, I got it done (almost).

My goal is to provide you the reader...

with helpful hints, tips, and tools to help you make small or big changes in your life so you can create more fulfillment. (Hint- there may be a lot of shifting in perspective that takes place :)).

So feel free to browse through the various pages, Susan's Story (which will tell you a little about me), Is This You? (where you might find something that resonates), Coaching Services (what my clients can expect from working with me), Kudos (the super nice things others have said), Resources (inspiration that I have appreciated and you might too, being added to daily right now), and Contact (well... self-explanatory ways to contact me).


This is what is most important to me, and I find, for many of my readers. When we as individuals are Full-Filled, we feel we have a life of meaning and purpose, we are having fun, AND we have more to give others because we have so much ourselves. If you want to be a part of this, please join me, and other like-minded women on this journey.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you. What information would you like that would help you bring more fulfillment to your life? Seriously, I want to know. Leave a comment below, or e-mail me,

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest, you can leave behind.

Bloom On!

Susan :)