Letting in the Fun

This past weekend my husband and I went to a blind wine tasting party. Each couple brought a bottle of zinfandel wine and they were placed in paper bags with numbers so no one knew what exact brand of wine it was. We were given index cards in order to write down comments on each numbered wine, then we had to rank them in order of what we liked best down to the worst as we tasted. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to chat with each person as we were tasting wine and writing our comments. The look on people’s faces when they didn’t like a wine was priceless. The scrunched up noses with their tongue sticking out of their mouths. And then by comparison, the opposite look of someone who liked the wine with a raised eyebrow and a smile. Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

We were not in a group of wine connoisseurs which was a good thing because the adjectives we used to describe our wines were not what you might read on wine websites. For example, “Recognized for its intensity of color and good structure of tannin and acid, it presents nuances of gooseberries and a smoky, peppery bouquet and is often added to a blend to liven it up. Smooth on the palate this wine ages well and mellows with time.” What??? No, our descriptive words including things like, “ick”, “meh”, “yum,” and “sweet”, “hot”, “dry”, or “I don’t think so.”

My husband is not a wine drinker at all. It was hilarious to look at what he had written on his card. By each number his descriptors included wine, wine, wine, wine, on down the list. There was one wine he marked, “not as bad”. OMG- I thought I would pee in my pants I was laughing so hard at everyone’s experience and description.

The night hit its crescendo when the revealing of the wines took place. The host tallied up scores and let us know what the collective group thought the worst wine was and the best wine. We all stood there secretly hoping “our” wine, the one we brought, wasn’t on the bottom. The wine my husband and I brought came in second place. It cost $9.99. I was shocked. I hadn’t even rated it near the top.

Often I find I take some things WAY too seriously. Does this ever happen to you? We live in a world where serious things are happening, yes, but there’s no reason we (read me) have to make it all important. In the Buddhist sense, everything is important and nothing is important. You get to choose.

Going to work and paying bills may be important, but it’s no more important than getting out, having fun, doing something silly, laughing, and enjoying time with old friends and new.

So what’s on your fun list coming up soon?

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~ Susan

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