Nurturing Your Adventuresome Side

On some level, we all like, and want, a little adventure in our lives. Doing the same thing day to day can get monotonous. So how do you spice things up? What I’m going for here is adventure. Something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s going to a wine tasting, listening to a band that plays a different kind of music you’ve not heard before, or seeking out something just because you’ve just never done it and would like to try.

Last weekend my husband and I sought out a new skiing trail we’ve never been on before. We’ve had limited snowfall and didn’t know what the conditions would be like so we took our hiking boots, snowshoes, and cross country skies with us. We really had no idea what to expect.

We got out to the trail and found a fair amount of snow. We chose to use our skis. The snow conditions weren’t great. It was slow going. We didn’t know what would be around the next corner.

It felt like an adventure. It was so very quiet out there. We saw only a couple of other people. The sun peeked in and out of the clouds. Then the sky completely clouded over with big dark gray puffs as a backdrop, making the white snow against it look so dramatic and beautiful. Almost like a painting, except it was real. white snow gray clouds

I had such a good time. Just being out in the woods, getting some exercise, enjoying the quiet, and out on a trail that wasn’t really groomed.

I’d never been there before.

That’s what makes up an adventure I think. An element of newness, of surprise, of not knowing what will come next.

An adventure doesn’t have to be grand. Or it could be.

But we need adventures. They helps us feel more alive.

And in this day of busyness and always something to do-ness, maybe an adventure is just what you need.

What’s calling you?

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