Nurturing Your Financial Side

Aaaaahhhhh, money! Between that and sex, no one wants to talk about it. Well, not many people. But I will. How on top of your finances are you? Do you know how much comes in and goes out every month? How much is going towards savings and retirement? If you really have the extra money to splurge on something now or should you wait a bit? valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated

If you feel empowered by the control you have over the money in your life, stop reading now. You are all set and I’ll see you next week.

But if that is you hiding behind your couch with a little hand popping up over the top saying in your little mouse squeaky voice, “no I don’t”, then keep on reading.

I think money is so hard to chat about because a lot of our self-worth is caught up in either how much money we make or how we manage our money (or don’t). Maybe your parents did a great job handling money and taught you well. Maybe they were horrible at it and you learned nothing from them at all, or from anyone else. Or worse, you grew up with a scary mindset about money because maybe your family didn’t have much, you learned that there wouldn’t be enough, you had to work really hard to get it, or you had to get a really good education or you couldn’t make money.

These beliefs many of us have carried with us since childhood. But we don't even realize it. And they affect how we feel about money today. And those feelings create how we actually deal with money in the real world. We either take charge and control of our financial situation or we run and hide and hope it will go away.

Now I’m no financial guru, but I know one. And if you need help with your financial situation in an easy step-by-step way with a person who deeply cares about helping you feel empowered about your money then look Suze Orman up. Her motto is “People first, then money, then things”. I love this.

She came from a family who didn’t have much. As an adult, she worked for very little money for years. Then something wonderful happened to her, then something awful happened (which turned out to be gold). She then got smart and built her financial empire. I’ve learned so much from Suze over the years and still do now. I do what she suggests and I make money in the stock market.

She’ll teach you everything from retirement planning, to what you need for insurance, to wills and trusts, to the order of how you decrease your debt if you have it, to know what broker to hire if you don’t want to manage your money yourself. She has a show on CNBC, many books, and a website (with a ton of free help and information). You can find her books in a used bookstore, at your local library, or download them to your kindle.

I think it’s hugely important to look at what beliefs you carry around about money because they do shape how you deal with it on a daily basis, but it’s too much to go into here.

If you want someone who knows the ropes inside and out and will help you, check out Suze Orman. Right now she has a free video series about her story and some of the basics of taking care of your financial life. Here is the link to the video series. Bring some paper and a pen; you’ll want to take notes.

Here’s to your financial abundance!!!

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