Nurturing Your Intellectual side

If you are anything like me, you love to learn. I have a vast array of interests that range from gardening, to quantum physics, to how to make your own natural house cleaning products, to how the thoughts we think create a certain energy and that same type of energy comes back to us in our daily lives. Varied interests I have! Which is why it is so important that I nurture my intellectual side. It’s part of what makes life so fun and interesting. It keeps us intrigued, motivated, and helps us feel more alive.

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And what about you? What intellectual curiosities are you nurturing?

Are you making time in your schedule and your life to do this?

If you aren’t and you’d like to, the most wonderful thing is, in this day of the Internet you can find almost anything you are curious about online. Possibly for free even.

Just go to your favorite search engine and type in a topic like classes on how to scratch your nose with no one noticing, and bingo, about 6.5 million hits will pop up.

Seriously, you can find all sorts of free information online about any topic you are interested in. You could also go to a used bookstore, your library, or maybe you have a local community college where you can take inexpensive classes on a new topic of curiosity. There are even low-cost or free classes you can take online as well.

Really, the ways to nurture your intellectual side are endless.

So discover what you’re interested in and go look into it.

Guess what? I just scratched my nose. And you missed it. ;)

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