Nurturing Your Life Physically

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to spend the next several weeks delving into various parts of life by take one area at a time, and expanding on it each week so we can all learn how to nurture our lives more. This week I’m going to talk about nurturing our physical bodies. Gosh, there are so many ways to do that. Exercise, food, hugs, sex, sleep, massages, yoga, walking, meditation…


Knowing we should do these things is one thing. Actually doing them is another.

Then, there is knowing what you really need at any given time. That, is an art. And it takes some practice.

Our physical bodies do almost anything we ask, and keep going as far as we push. Almost.

And then there are times when your body says, “no more”.

This can take many forms. Like when you have an injury and can no longer do what you love. Or when you are so tired and all your body wants is to sleep but you push through with caffeine and sugar even though your brain is clearly not functioning.

How often do you really listen to what your body needs? Not what your brain thinks it needs, but what your body really needs.

Do you know the difference between I’m feeling tired and need a nap versus I could use a short vigorous walk outside in the fresh air?

Or the difference between needing coffee as a pick me up versus a small snack packed with good fuel for energy?

I’ve had all these experiences. And yes, sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me to give my body what it needs in the moment, but it doesn’t mean I don’t try.

For example, the other day I felt really tired. My mind didn’t feel tired, but my body did. I had the choice of doing some form of exercise, which I usually enjoy doing, or to not do any at all. I envisioned myself doing that exercise and noticed how I felt. I felt even more tired. I then envisioned not doing it. How did I feel? So much better. My body told me it needed the rest.

Try envisioning each option you have for a few seconds. For example, when I was tired I envisioned either getting some exercise or relaxing. Lest you think you’d choose the nap every time, YOU might, but your body wouldn’t. It really does know what it needs and will tell you.

It will tell you by the way it feels. When I envisioned getting out for exercise my body felt even more heavy, not lighter or better. When I envisioned spending more down time, my body almost sighed in relief. It knew what it needed.

So give it a try. This could be done with various activities you are choosing to do, to various foods you plan to eat.

Spend a little time. Your body is so full of wisdom it knows what it needs, and will tell you. That is, if you’re willing to listen.

Then notice how you feel after you’ve chosen the option your body suggested. Make it an experiment. Have a little fun.

Nurturing should be fun ya know!

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Get Outside and Nurture Your Life