On football and life

My two cool aunties taught me almost everything I know about football starting when I was a kid. Though I’m not a particular fan of the game, I can watch and understand what’s going on (most of the time). I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday. With no preference for who won, I had incredibly mixed emotions.  -radar-with-red-target-blip

Both teams have been preparing for this one game since last summer. All the practices, the pre-season games, and regular season. Then, if things worked out, the playoffs. If they made it through all of that, they were on to the BIG game. The Super Bowl.

I watched one team play almost effortlessly. They could do no wrong. To paraphrase their quarterback, their engine was firing on all cylinders and purring like a kitten. I was thrilled to see everything working so well for them. The joy on their faces on the sideline was palpable.

I watched the other team get their a**es handed to them on a platter. Nothing worked right for them. I liken it to putting the key in the ignition and the engine just won’t turn over. At all. I was heartbroken looking at their faces on the sideline. Their pain was palpable.

I have no doubt that both teams put every ounce of their being into playing their best game. The blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to that point, I’m sure I can’t fathom.

Maybe one team was prepared more, maybe they wanted it more, the stars were aligned for them, or they were just the better team (at least on that day). I have no idea.

I envisioned the losing team praying for the playing clock to wind down to zero so they could just get the game over with. It was brutal.

Can you imagine putting all of your efforts into something for 6 months only to end up as the one who won’t be remembered a decade from now?

This may have happened to you before and will probably happen again. I know it’s happened for me.

I hope you recognize that even when you do your very best at something, putting in so much effort, and it doesn’t work out, you are still fabulous, loveable, smart-as-a-whip, gorgeous, funny, and (insert any adjective you want here, maybe 20 more). It doesn’t define all of the goodness of you. It can’t even begin to.

That thing that didn’t work out? It’s just a blip on the radar screen of life.

It’s important to grieve. Important to regroup. Important to learn. Important to move forward.

If nothing else, I’ll be reminded of the dichotomy of that day. Two teams wanting the same thing, working their butts off to get it, with only one victorious in the end.

On the playing field, that is.

Aren’t you glad you don’t play football? ;)

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