Random events aren't really random

I believe in a friendly universe and I believe events that happen in your life that seem random, aren’t. If you’re willing to pay attention that is.

I mentioned my dog child Kona two weeks ago and how I dealt with the uncertainty of what was happening with him. If you missed it, you can read about it here. dice

The week after Kona had the herniated disc in his back was beyond stressful for me. The kind where you don’t sleep, or eat stressful.

Kona had some kind of a neurological event that caused strange things to happen with one of his eyes. It looks a bit odd, but thankfully, he can see fine.

I found a lump under his armpit and the cells inside were abnormal. I waited two excruciating days to find out if he had cancer or not. He doesn’t. Phew!

And he was diagnosed with arthritis that would need some pretty heavy-duty meds or he would be limping and in pain for the rest of his life. We’ve started those and he’s improving already.

How random all of this seemed. How unsettled I felt.

How could an active healthy dog go from running miles and miles one day to looking like he might not make it through the next day, like overnight?

I had to sit with these questions.

In doing so, I found helpful insight and meaning when I really looked at what seemed like random events.

Am I really paying attention to my life? Kona had some arthritis symptoms now that I look back. I didn’t know that’s what they were, but I’m aware now. Where in my life do I have symptoms of a problem that I’m not aware of or that needs addressing?

Kona had an issue with his eye. What am I not seeing clearly in my life or what do I need to see that I’m completely missing?

There’s that lump I found under his arm. Do I do regular mammograms and get check ups to make sure I remain in good health or catch something early?

What happens outside of us can be a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. Everything is a mirror.

My dog Kona has shown me so much the past few weeks. His issues have given me a lot to think about in my life.

I also found out how deep my love for him was. I’ve always known it was incredibly huge. But when I thought the end could be near, my sadness was overwhelming.

I didn’t know my heart was so big.

I invite you to look at the events in your life that seem random. Are they really? What can you discover or learn?

It’s your life. It matters.

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