Slowing Down and Resting

Two awesome events happened in my town 48 hours apart this week. First, the Internet was down for the WHOLE day. And, we got our first snow followed by freezing rain, which closed schools. What I love about both of these events is that it reminds us we aren’t in control and mother nature/the universe is. squirrel in snow

When the Internet goes down it’s a big thing. Many of us spend a lot of time communicating both personally and professionally on our devices. While in and of itself, it isn’t a bad thing, we can easily get sucked into it and miss other amazing areas of our life.

When the weather makes the roads too dangerous to drive, we have the opportunity to stay at home and play with our kids, if we have them, or take a nap if it’s needed, read a book, organize a closet… all those things we might not do because of our crazy over-booked lives.

This is why I never see the Internet going down or Mother Nature affecting normal activities as a bad thing. It makes us stop and pay attention. And often, it’s important stuff we need to pay attention to, like slowing down and resting. We live in an over-stressed, over-worked, sleep-deprived country. What I find amazing is that when something like a snowstorm hits, most everyone gets upset that it messes up their day and they can’t get things done. As if having to shift gears and slow down is bad thing.

While out walking my dog Elvis this morning, I watched a little girl come running out of her house in full snow gear with her sled, ready to play in the white fluffy flakes. She was one excited ball of energy. I got to watch her joy, and feel my own little kid energy, as I walked down the road with quarter-sized flakes thickly falling from the sky silently but oh so beautifully.

Slowing down and resting helps us to rejuvenate. When we’re rejuvenated, we’ve got more energy for, and excitement about, living our normal daily lives. And who doesn’t want to feel that as they go about their day.

So the next time the Internet goes down or some weather affects your normal routine, see it as a gift, not a burden. Slow down and rest. Heck, why not put a designated rest day in your schedule regularly. I can almost guarantee you’ll feel better, more relaxed, and ready to continue with your normal life when it’s over. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you both healthier and happier too.

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