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Your message is your answer

Memorial Day is this Monday. I'm taking a moment to notice that while millions of us will be barbecuing and enjoying the day off, many families may have a hard time because this holiday reminds them of a loved one lost who chose to support this amazing country of ours, and died in the process. On to the blog.

I am a life coach. I am happy most of the time. Positive. Upbeat. I can see the benefit of almost anything.

And I’m a human being.   did you get the message

That means I get grumpy, irritated, stressed, and tired.

This happened to me this week.

I had spent too much time on the computer and got that anxious, irritated feeling. I needed something. But what?

Then a message came through. Get moving and get outside it said.

I didn’t listen.

I plowed through more stuff on the computer.

Back came that stressed, grumpy feeling.

Again came the message, get moving and get outside.

I ignored it.

It took me 3 freaking times to hear that message to finally say to myself, you need to get moving and get outside.

So I did.

Piled my 2 dogs into the car, drove to an awesome local park with BIG pine trees on the rushing river, and we walked for 90 minutes.


Just what I needed.

I dropped the negative feelings and enjoyed being out in nature.

I returned feeling SO much better and ready to continue what I was working on.

My message was there. It kept nudging me. It’s a quiet one that inner voice of mine. She’s a subtle bugger. But persistent. She was right too. Doing what she said gave me what I needed, my answer. I just needed a break.

There is a ton of research that says when you’re frustrated and not moving forward on something you’re working on to take a break and walk away.

By taking the time away, you come back more refreshed, with increased clarity, and ready to begin again.

You actually become more efficient. When you’re tired and plowing through something, mistakes are made, quality decreases, and you aren’t efficient. I don’t know a single person that is.

I don’t need the research on the value of stepping away (especially outside to nature). I have proof from my experience in my own life.

That’s all I or anyone else needs. The truth of what works for you.

What has your inner voice told you lately? Are you listening? Leave a comment on the blog below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com.

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I love hearing from you.

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Time Management- It's not what you think

To hear the audio version of this blog, click here. In last week’s blog I mentioned giving a time management presentation to a local group. I thought I’d share some highlights here so you can benefit too.

Time is time. It just flows by. No matter what we do or don’t do, in 24 hours, another day will be here.   time flies when you're full of energy doing what's important to you

I often hear people say, I don’t have enough time or I’m just so busy. Enough time for what?, I ask, or too busy for…?

Time is not about minutes. It truly isn’t.

Time is about energy, values, and choices.

And what you do with your time based on those three things.


First off, you need to discover what you actually do with your time. I invite you to spend one full day looking at how you spent your time. Keep a little notepad with you. Write things down in 15-minute increments or 1 hour, or whatever works for you. This will give you a good idea of how you spent your time. Include everything. I mean everything. Work, driving, laundry, sleep, eating, bathroom time, kid stuff, reading, exercising… you get the picture.

After this is completed close your eyes and imagine yourself going through your day. What part of your day did you have the most energy? Where were you dragging? Notice what you were doing during those times. What gave you energy? What drained it?

I ask this because we all have our own natural body rhythm. Some times of the day our energy is higher, some times it’s lower. Are you doing things that require higher energy during your higher energy periods? Or doing easy things that don’t take as much brain power and/or physical energy when you naturally have less? If not, see where in your schedule you can tweak it. Or if it drains you, drop it.

Next up, VALUES.

Look at your day again. Out of everything you did do, what was really important to you? Was it your job because you get to be creative? Or your job because it pays the bills? Is it being a member of a community group because you get to socialize with friends? Is it driving your kids to and from sports practice because you get some time in the car to talk with them? Notice what you are doing that is truly valuable to you during your day. If something isn’t truly valuable, why are you doing it?


We all really do choose what we do with our 24 hours each day. Contrary to popular belief, you do choose to either go to work or call in sick, answer an email or not, buy something for a friend or decide you really don’t have the extra money to spend right now. Everything you do every day is a choice.

The big question is, are you choosing based on your energy level and what you value?

Because if you are, your time will be well spent and much less stressful. Think about it. How can you align your day with your natural energy level and what’s important to you? Imagine your day along those lines. This could be little tweaks or big changes. What can you start saying no to that doesn’t bring you energy or serve your values? Then notice what this does to your time.

I’m asking the questions, but you’ve got the answers.

During my presentation, I also gave a list of some various ways to manage time. If you want it, email me coachwithsusan@hotmail.com, put 'time management tips' in the subject line and I'll gladly send it to you.

Are your energy and values lined up with your choices? Join the conversation on the blog by leaving a comment below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com

I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!

Seeds of Kindness Bloom and Bloom and Bloom…

Are you a BE'er or a DO'er?

If you'd like to hear the audio version of this blog, click here. So what is a BE’er compared to a DO’er? I’ve been pondering this lately because of my own experience. More on that later.

This is my take on BE’ers and DO’ers.    BE'ing or DO'ing?

BE’ers are better at relaxing, going with the flow, pondering, letting things percolate, not hurrying or rushing.

They don’t see a need to be “doing something” all the time. In fact, doing something just to be busy is stressful for BE’ers. The upside is BE’ers are fairly happy people. The downside is BE’ers sometimes take a long time to get things done. They don’t see a hurry to finish something in order to move on to the next thing. Some things just don’t get done. That can be stressful for BE’ers.

DO’ers on the other hand have some opposite traits.

If they sit still for more than 10 seconds, they get antsy. Their mind always whizzes at 1000 mph with everything on their “to-do” list, trying to get it all done, and then some. The idea of a massage, pedicure, or a nap sounds fabulous, but only when the “to-do” list is done. Which is never, by the way. The upside is that DO’ers do get a lot done. The downside is they’re exhausted, depleted, stressed, and can’t keep up that pace indefinitely.

The common thread for both is stress.

Stress in BE’ing too much and stress in DO’ing too much.

I’ve recognized this stress due to my own experiences. I used to be more of a DO’er. Go, go, go. Get this done, done, done. Then I would rest. The message I learned growing up was you get to rest and play after the work is done. Which I followed diligently. And how’d that work for me? It didn’t. Things got done but I felt depleted and tired. And not in the good way when you put your heart and soul into something and are exhausted but fulfilled. No, I felt empty. And there were still things to do.

Then I rallied against the DO’er mentality and switched camps for a while. I became a BE’er. After DO’ing for so much of my life, it felt glorious. Relaxing and not fretting about getting everything done on my “to-do” list everyday was awesome for a while. My brain wasn’t continually spinning about what I had to do next.

Except, I found that I was BE’ing too much. I wasn’t stimulated enough. I actually wanted to be more of a DO’er. Not just busy stuff DO’ing, but  meaningful, heart-felt DO’ing.

I can now say I know what it feels like to burn the candle at both ends and to just hang out and watch one candle burn at the other end. And here’s what I found.

Either extreme doesn’t work.

When you are at one end, you want to be at the other.

I like to be somewhere in the middle. Not square center middle, but somewhere where I flow. I’m a DO’er as much as my own personal energy and excitement carry me to do. I’m a BE’er when I need to sit back, relax, and take time.

I’ve got to know myself in order to do that. I’ve got to listen to my body physically to know when it’s got the energy to DO or needs to BE and rest. I’ve got to know if I’m saying yes to do something that I really truly want to do or because I think I “should”. I can tell you from experience, when you say yes to something and really want to say no, you will drain your energy and feel depleted. Many of my clients have experienced this as well.

You’ve got to know you. Your own perfect balance of BE’ing and DO’ing will not be like anyone else’s. And it shouldn’t be because it’s yours.

Is your BE’ing self and DO’ing self aligned with your energy and balanced in a way that works for you? If not, give me a call. I can help.

Your Turn: Do you have some great tips for Be'ing or DO'ing more effectively? Sharing helps us all.  Leave a comment below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com

I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!

Seeds of Kindness Bloom and Bloom and Bloom…