The difference between dreamy and dreary

I recently spent 5 days in the woods at a nature reserve in NY with other nature loving life coaches from around the country. Every day was gloriously sunny but the last. It rained that entire day. You would have thought our time would be ruined. Nope, we just donned our rain gear, threw up a tarp, and continued with our plans. A little mother nature wasn’t going to scare us off.  the beauty of rain in the trees We often stopped what we were doing to look out and marvel at the raindrops glistening on the tree leaves and listen to the rain falling gently on the ground around us or on the tarp above us. We could even smell the rain as it slowly soaked into the earth. It was dreamy. I mean really dreamy.

That evening I was on a train back to Grand Central Station to start my trek back to Alaska. It was still raining outside. The closer we got to NYC, the less trees I noticed, and the more drab it became. The sky seemed ominous with gray clouds and the backdrop was big concrete buildings, cars, and paved roads. It looked dreary really.

What a stark contrast!

The weather was exactly the same in each place. One looked dreamy, the other dreary.

The difference?

Mother Nature

Do you have enough of her in your life?

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