The Discovery of You- Part 3

This will be the third and final post in the 3-part Discovery of You Series. In part 1 I discussed listening to your body in a new way. In part 2 I talked about changing your thoughts when you want to change how you feel.

Today I’m going to introduce several assessments you can take that can provide a wealth of information in discovering more about how you tick. 

Do you ever wonder why you must collect a lot of information before making a purchase, while others can go out and buy what they want immediately? Or why some people think every cloud has a silver lining but others think the grass is always greener somewhere else? There is a reason for this. We each have natural ways of being and doing in the world. These can be seen as your strengths. You will be so much more happy when you can use what comes naturally to you in your work and personal life.

When you do something that is inherently you, there is a sense of ease around it. No forcing. Things just flow. It’s one of your unique gifts.

We spend so much time trying to get better in areas where we think we are lacking.

Why? Research shows that if we do work on these “weak” areas, they do get a little better, but if we build on our natural talents and strengths, we soar. I don’t know about you but I’d rather soar than just get a little better.

What’s even cooler is that when you use your ingrained, inherent, strengths and talents in various areas of your life, people notice. They appreciate you. You think “aw, that’s no big deal”. But it’s a big deal to those who don’t have what you have. And that’s what makes the world go round. Each of us using AND sharing our unique strengths and talents with everyone we come into contact with.

And here’s the secret. It’s usually fun. 

No only do you have to be good at something, it also needs to be fun in a hop-your-bunny kind of way, or it really isn’t a strength. What good is it if you’re a whiz with numbers and work as an accountant but hate your job?

There are a multitude of assessments out there and I have chosen to share just a few with which I have personal experience.

Some are free and some have a fee. I gained fabulous information from all of them. If you take any of these, remember to go in with a playful attitude. It’s just information. If it resonates, great. If not, that’s okay too.

These assessments are never meant to place anyone in a box or category. We are all too unique to be able to do that. But you might just find that now you understand why you always spend two days online researching shoes or fishing poles rather than just running out to the store and buying what you want in an hour. And neither one is wrong. It’s just the way you work. Celebrate that.

These assessments are in random order.

1.   The PVSI (Professional Values and Story Index) Survey is designed to help people understand what's most meaningful and motivating to them in their work lives, and how their strengths and values add up to a "story type" that personifies their professional success factors. This nailed me dead on. Free.

2.   The PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator®) is the world's first scientifically validated archetype assessment tool, and it opens a window into the patterns of our unconscious stories and provides a path to self-understanding. Once we are aware of the archetypes that are active in our lives, we can decide how and when to use them, and which ones may need nurturing or further development. I didn’t initially understand what archetypes were but the website helped me out. $18.

3.   The Strong Life Test for Women from Marcus Buckingham’s book, Find Your Strongest Life. This will help you discover the role you were born to play and if you buy his book it will tell you how to make the most of that lead role. Free.

4.   The Kolbe A Index will provide you information on your conative style (your instinctual style when taking action in your life). The index places you on a spectrum of 4 different action modes and shows you ways that you can use these natural instincts to better serve you, your family, and co-workers. It also tells you how to avoid problems because of your natural style. The Kolbe A Index measures a person's instinctive method of operation (MO), and identifies the ways he or she will be most productive. This helped me tremendously as I was trying to understand why I research and gather information before I take action. $49.95.

5.   The VIA Survey of Character Strengths comes from the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center under the direction of Martin Seligman, who is the founder of Positive Psychology. Scroll down the page looking at the middle section under PERMA, which is light blue, and you will see Engagement Questionnaires. The 6th one down is the VIA survey of character strengths. It will ask you to set up an account but it’s free.


Your Turn: I'd love to hear what cool stuff you found out about you. Leave a comment below, or email me,

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today. I really do appreciate it and hope you found it helpful.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!


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