The dog and the squirrel

Elvis the stalking dog and Elvira the unsuspecting squirrel play a little game at our house. Elvira the Unsuspecting

Elvis, in a non-stalking position

Elvira happily munches on birdseed that has fallen on the deck below the bird feeder outside our living room window.

Elvis stalks her, standing very still, poised to run after and catch her, if he can.

But he never does catch her.


Because just as he has been so stealth and silent in his movements by the window, the second he takes off tearing down the hallway to run through the doggie door onto the deck, Elvis lets out a loud, high pitched squeal. Elvira can’t help but hear him coming, even if she hasn’t seen him.

And he does it every time.

With this strategy he will never catch her.

Does this sound familiar?

Where in your life are you trying to accomplish something using one strategy over and over again with the same results? The results you really don’t want.

Poor Elvis is just a dog. His brain probably can’t comprehend that losing the squeal might equal catching the squirrel.

But your brain can understand, that if you want a different result, you’ve got to do something different. It could be thinking about it in a new way so you feel differently, then take a new action.

Say you have a desire (A), so you take action (B), to get result (C).

But you aren’t getting C.

What does B need to look like in order to increase your chances of getting C?

Try it. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

As I heard a Master Gardner recently say “every year my garden is an experiment.” That coming from someone who knows A LOT about gardening.

I think all of life is an experiment really.

Go try it out.

Let me know about one thing you changed to get what you want that made all the difference. Leave a comment on the blog below, or email me,

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