The Magical Sound of Silence

On of the most magical experiences to have living on this planet is the one of listening to snow falling from the sky. It’s completely silent. And beautiful. And peaceful. And inspiring. And calm. Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

I love it when life feels calm. You?

I get that life can’t always be or feel calm. You’ve got to experience the craziness of it to appreciate the calm when it comes. But I know we all do really appreciate it when it does arrive.

We’ve just entered the “crazy”, “frantic” time of year where there may be more noise than normal, and more hustle, and more to-do. Which is why I believe it’s so important to find ways to bring silence into your routine. Where can pause and just breathe, allowing your mind to stop its incessant thinking just for 30 seconds? Where can you take some time to get away from everyone and everything where there is no talking and no movement? It’s imperative. For your health, your sanity, and your soul.

Let this be the year you consciously bring silence into December. No one else will do it for you. They can’t do it for you. But you can. You must.

What do I know to be true right now?

It’s the silence that allows the space for all the noise. Without it, the noise becomes overwhelming, and we really don’t need more overwhelm than we’ve already got.

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~ Susan

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