The Nurturing of Your Emotions

Happy, mad, sad, fear, shame, guilt, joy, disappointment, hurt, elation, gratitude, hate, peace… They are all emotions. And of course, there are a million more. emotion faces

When you look at the list above how many of those emotions are you comfortable feeling?

All of them? Some of them? The “good” ones?

Here’s something important you need to know.

They are all good to feel.


Because emotions are just information for you.

They let you know what is happening in your life right now and how you think, and therefore feel about it.

Last week I spoke on how your thoughts about a circumstance/fact in your life create how you feel, what emotion you have. They do. And you can change your thoughts, therefore your feelings, any time you’d like. If you missed it and want to read it, here it is.

What is also really important is to actually “feel” the emotions that come up for you. Emotions aren’t just felt intellectually, they ‘re felt physically as well. And you really should feel them. All of them. So often we stuff the ones that don’t feel good because we think that will make them go away. Then all will be right in the world. Wrong.

Because that is how they are processed, moved through the body. Then that energy dissipates, and you can move forward with your day. You know that emotions are just a form of energy right? If that energy isn’t allowed to move through, it can get trapped inside and cause all kinds of physical symptoms and ailments.


Here’s an example of feeling your emotions physically.

Many of you know I lost my dog child Kona about 5 months ago. I went through a very intense grieving process for a few months. That grieving process continues. Here’s what it looks like.

I’ll sometimes be outside taking our other dog Elvis for a walk and a memory of Kona will pop up into my head. I can almost see him running ahead of me on the trail. The thought that comes into my head is “I miss him”. And guess what? The tears flow. Often heavily. And I let them. My chest tightens, my heart sinks, my shoulders sag, and my forehead scrunches up. That is feeling my emotion physically. I notice it in my body, I let it be there, and just feel what I’m feeling.

Then after a minute, maybe 2 max, the tears stop flowing, my body lightens up, and the emotion of sadness, that energy, has moved through and on.

That’s how you nurture your emotional side. You allow it, embrace it, you don’t run from it.

Here’s another reason to feel your emotions. Say you feel angry at someone or upset by something they said or did. When you don’t feel your emotions, physically and all the way through, your reaction to your emotions may cause you to say or do something to that other person out of hurt or anger.

When you actually allow yourself to feel what you are feeling when you get to the other side, there can be more peace and clarity, less stress. You choose to react from a place of calm instead of a place of anger and hurt. There’s a huge difference between those two places.

I invite you to make friends with all of your emotions. They can’t hurt you. They are just information to help guide your way.

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