The power of personal choice

Occasionally, super scary things happen in life. Often you have no warning. My husband, I, and one of our dogs were randomly attacked by two other dogs while out walking two days after Thanksgiving.

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While I won’t go into all the details, I can say, it happened lightning fast, without warning, and it was unprovoked and vicious. Our one dog the attacking dogs focused on walked away with only a minor scratch on the inside of one ankle. I have no idea how that was possible since his back hip and neck were both in the jaws of the others dogs at the same time. My husband had puncture wounds to his upper arm and I had my hand bitten.

I’ve been trying to make sense of it since the incident. Why did it happen? Should I have done something differently? What if I had been alone and hadn’t had my husband there to help? Is there something I need to learn from this experience?

I don’t have any answers to the above questions. As much as I truly want to.

So I chose to look at the situation from a positive perspective. I absolutely don’t want to live in fear every time I take my dogs out for a walk.

I noticed what went right that morning. And here’s what I came up with.

Neither of my dogs was hurt.

My husband and I had only flesh wounds requiring no sutures.

No broken bones, nerve damage, torn ligaments, tendons, or muscles.

My dad, a physician, lived a few blocks away from the incident and was able to look at our wounds, give us helpful advice, and hook us up with antibiotics.

I was also reminded how good my life is and that it helps to appreciate everything I do have and how quickly that can change.

It could have been so much worse. SO much worse.

Somehow I knew that being angry about it wasn’t the answer. I could have been absolutely outraged at the dogs and their owner. But it was a random accident.

I’m processing it. I have a super swollen and sore hand as a reminder of it all.

That experience was really hard.

But it reminds me that I always get to choose my response, no matter what happens in life. I can choose anger or peace. This time, I chose peace.

I spent some time researching what to do when a dog attacks and feel more prepared if another attack happens. I found an article from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, about stopping a dog fight. Click here to read it.

I hope these tips can help you if you ever find yourself, which I hope you never do, in the same situation.

Have you had a similar experience? I'd love to hear any tips you might have.

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