wandering My husband and I did make it to Bend, OR. It took 6 days, mostly on the Alaskan Highway (The Alcan), driving through the “take your breath away” Canadian Rockies. If you ever get the chance, it’s definitely worth doing once. Bar a flat tire on the u-haul and a 4-hour wait on the side of the highway for someone to fix it, camping out in close to freezing temperatures in a tent with three dogs, we made it slowly, but safely.

Our plan was to stay with friends until we found a rental and stay in it until we found a house to buy.

Here’s where the story turns wonky.

We did stay with friends while looking for a place to rent. Rentals are a hot commodity and we couldn’t find one. So what does this life coach do when there’s a problem that needs a solution? I take it outside to nature. My husband and I went for a hike. Just being in the mountains, amongst the Ponderosa pines and the shining water on the lake we hiked to, enabled us to clear our brains. On the way down the mountain to the trail head, I offhandedly mentioned to my husband that after selling our house and moving, for the first time in our adult lives we had no debt and no responsibilities. We were free birds and could really do anything we wanted. To that he replied, “you’re right, we could buy a little RV and travel around the country for a while if we wanted to”. Oh-My–Gosh, I said. We most certainly could.

And with that, a wander was born.

We spent the next week looking at, then purchasing an RV, organizing what we might need for traveling, and put all of our belongings in storage.

By wandering right now, we’re stepping out of our comfort zone. We aren’t technically retired quite yet, just at an interesting place in life where all of a sudden, there is no agenda. Every day is a ‘what will we do and where will we go kind of day’. It’s a strange feeling to have, and one I don’t really have words for.

Part of me wonders if we’re being irresponsible. I mean, who does this at our age (we’re 42)? But after listening to the news recently of all that’s happening in Syria and with the shootings in DC recently, the thought crossed my mind that maybe by not taking this chance we have now, we’d be irresponsible. We are so very fortunate to live in this country. We have a huge opportunity. It’s up to us as to whether we take it or not. And as one of my favorite aunts said to me. We’ve made the choices we’ve made in our lives to get us to this place.

I’m just plain grateful.

What’s interesting about living in a close-quartered RV with 3 big dogs is that you really have to slow down. You can’t just grab any old thing whenever you want. You have to weave through everyone to get where you’re going.

With this wander, I plan to share our adventures, add any life lessons I learn, and of course coach-y tidbits too.

I'd love to hear any comments or thoughts you have. Since we'll be heading into the southern US, where do you suggest we go? We love to hike.  Join the conversation on the blog by leaving a comment below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com

I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!