What do you believe?

This I Believe, based on the NPR series of the same name, features eighty essayists, both famous and unknown, who share their stories on how they arrived at their personal beliefs. This inspired me to really ponder what I believe. And just maybe it will do the same for you. This I Believe.   book_thisIbelieve

There is no one all-encompassing truth that fits all people. How could there be?

We all come from various countries with differing social structures, culture, political viewpoints, religions, personalities, and experiences. There is no way that one truth for life, for us all, could, and even would be accepted by everyone.

I believe that truth is a personal journey. Our own, very individual, path. We learn and grow from every encounter with another, the things we hear and see through technology, and the places we visit. It’s in our response to others. How we feel about ourselves. In our actions in the world.

In a world where we want to be accepted by others, self-acceptance is the first step. If you cannot be at peace within yourself, then you will never be fully at peace with the world.

How we define ourselves one day can be totally different the next.

What’s true for me today may not be in 10 years, 5, next month, or maybe not even tomorrow.

We are ever-expanding, evolving beings. With each new day, hour even, we see, hear, or experience something that can change our view of ourselves, another, or even the world. That is what makes truth such a slippery fish.

My truth and personal journey are mine, just as yours is yours.

I don’t need to convince you of anything, nor do you need to convince me. We are both together in this crazy world of ours and on our own.

I do believe we are all love at our core, but that even, is defined differently by us as individuals.

And I definitely believe in magic. All of those things we can’t hear, taste, touch, smell, or see.

This all means I’m willing to go with the flow of this human existence.

My personal truth is mine. It could change any second, and probably will. And that’s perfectly okay with me.

OK, your turn. What do you believe?

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