What is Fulfillment really?

With Valentine's Day almost upon us I've got one question,

Are you feeling fulfilled?

I sense that a lot of us think about what I call Heart's Day as a day that we want to share with a loved one. We shower them with some form of loving gifts or we spend quality time together. Many of us really enjoy this day, some think it's hooey, and others feel like crap because they don't have someone to bestow love on or do not have love bestowed upon them.

But I want to go deeper.

Valentine's Day is celebrated one day of the year. Those that love it, love it, those that hate it, hate, and then it's gone.

But can YOU feel fulfilled on February 14th, and any other calendar day, no matter whether you'll be sharing that day with a sweetie or not? And what does that really mean, feeling fulfilled?

I won't get into the various definitions of the word fulfillment and the use of it as a verb or noun. I want to talk about it personally and what it means for your life.

Let's get to the meat of Fulfillment.

This is what several people I surveyed said about how they know they are feeling fulfilled.

  • I'm satisfied
  • I have purpose
  • I have a full heart, a warm feeling
  • I'm making a difference
  • I'm relaxed and happy
  • I'm complete
  • I'm content
  • I have peace
  • I am in alignment with my purpose

Do any of these resonate with you? What does fulfillment feel like for you? Does your life lack this fulfilled component? Maybe you have it occasionally, maybe you have no clue what I'm saying.

Fulfillment is very personal and can only be defined by you.

You may use certain words to describe it. And only you know what those words feel like to you. For example, one of the people I surveyed above said when she is feeling fulfilled her heart feels full and warm. She actually has a physical sensation in her heart of fullness and warmth.

I bet if you choose a word(s) or emotion that describes fulfillment for you and sit for a moment, you may notice that you find a place in your body where it resides. We all carry our feelings in our body, were you aware of that? Go ahead, try it now, just for 20 seconds... What did you find?

Here's the thing. Fulfillment is about what Feeds Your Soul...

It's not always about other people do or don't do for you. Though that can be awesome. It's about digging deep and digging in and and determining what makes you (your soul, the deepest most wise part of you) feel excited inspired, at peace, content.

Some of us feel it when we are sharing time with a loved one.

Sometimes it happens when we are sitting and watching a sunset.

Occasionally we find it when we are eating something so fantastically awesome we think we have died and gone to heaven.

Many of us feel it when we are using our talents and skills to help others at work or through volunteering.

Then there is the time we notice that feeling just by stroking our dog child's soft ears (my personal favorite).

In this fulfillment we find LOVE.

Love for ourselves (who we are), love for others (who they are), love for animals, love for the earth, love for your warm fleece blanket in the winter, love for the awesome new shoes you just bought, the list could on...

Fulfillment is found in little moments and big. It is found within you no matter what is going on around you. Are you willing to look for it and enjoy what you find?

So celebrate February 14th, Valentine's Day, whether you are with someone or with yourself. No matter what the day you are always with you all the time. Are you choosing to fill each day with activities, people, animals, and quiet time that bring you fulfillment? If not, ask yourself why.

Maybe Valentine's Day is the perfect day to start.

If you are interested if finding out more about fulfillment and how you can find it, I have a 3-step formula that has worked for me my entire life. You can see some of it in my last three blog posts, Feel the Pull, Follow your Excitement, and Finding the Ease, OR get a more in depth version with my free gift Finding Fulfillment by Following Your PEE on the right side of the page by clicking on the quirky detective picture and signing up for my mailing list.

Join me next time as I explore how feeling small makes you the perfect candidate to transform your life.

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today. I really do appreciate it and hope you found it helpful. 

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest, you can leave behind.

Bloom On!


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