What nature can do for you

I visited our most awesome local farmer’s market last week. On my walk back to the car, which was parked near the Deschutes River, my intuition piped in telling me to go sit by the river. I know better than to NOT follow it. I found a great place right at the edge covered with wood chips and I sat down and settled in. As I looked onto the river, a male mallard duck immediately swam over to me. I thought he was coming over to come hang out with me until I realized he was only looking for food. Ha! Male_mallard

He saw that I didn’t have any food and slowly swam away. Except, he didn’t go far. After just a few feet, he dunked his head and lifted his butt into the air kicking his little webbed feet to stay balanced while eating whatever ducks eat from the bottom of the river. I giggled at him. Repeatedly. He looked SO adorable in that position. Head down, butt up, legs kicking. I sat mesmerized by this single duck in front of me, doing what ducks do. I began to notice the beautiful green and black colors of the feathers of his head. The white ring around his neck, and the cute as a button black curly feathers at the base of his tail. This bird was gorgeous.

I sat for quite a while just being curious about him. In wonder and awe at this creature that is a vital part of our ecological system. Time stood still. It didn’t even exist. Bliss.

Not once did I worry that I wasn’t at a job making money, or I wasn’t getting something crossed off my to-do list. I was calm, relaxed, and just enjoying that moment. With that duck.

We need more of these moments in our busy lives. Taking the time to sit, be curious, and in wonder of what’s completely natural, right in front of us. The quality of my life in that hour was priceless. No agenda, no worries, just peace and enjoyment.

It didn’t cost me a dime.

That’s what nature does. It puts us back into our natural state of peace.

Why did my intuition ask me to go sit by the river? Maybe to feel peaceful. Maybe to give me a blog post idea so I could write and remind you to take time to go outside and marvel at what’s there so you can find some peace too.

It doesn’t even matter really.

What I do know is I left feeling fulfilled and grateful for my time with that duck. He reminded me of the fascinating world we live in.

The natural one.

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Get Outside and Nurture Your Life