What's Your Intention?

It is officially winter in my neck of the woods. It’s almost down to the single digits at night and a layer of snow has gently blanketed the ground around me while the leafless but breathtaking tree branches are glistening towers of ice protruding into the sky. Intention and Motivation

I’ve set an intention for this winter, kind of like a new year’s resolution, but of the mid-Oct. variety.

The longer I live in Alaska, the more challenging winters have become.

It’s mainly the darkness, the lack of light has taken its toll year after year. Once the leaves have disappeared off the trees and it’s pitch-black dark when I wake up in the morning, a feeling of dread comes over me. Ugh! In my head I think, “it’s only going to get worse and I have a long way to go before it’s going to get better”.

It’s like I have unconsciously intended that winter is going to be hard for me. And as a life coach, I know that what I intend, I create.

But what is intention?

Intention is getting clear on the outcome you want. What do you want to get out of this? What do you think you will learn? What are you really hoping will happen?

It could be for a relationship you have with someone, your work, or how you interact with your kids. Do you want to communicate better with people, be in less of a hurry, or stop yelling so much? When you know what you want, moving towards that becomes easier.

But there’s an even more important question to ask yourself after discovering your intention.

What’s your motivation?

It’s like asking what’s the intention behind your intention? It’s asking why? Why do you want to communicate better? Why do you want to be in less of a hurry? Why do you want to stop yelling so much?

The answer to those questions are along the lines of what you want to feel.

Maybe when you communicate better you feel more connected with someone, maybe when you are less in a hurry, you feel more relaxed about what you’re doing, maybe you want to stop yelling because when you do it you regret it and you don’t want to feel regret.

Often we want things to work out a specific way for our life but never explore why we want those outcomes. What do we get out of something happening a certain way?

Is it possible that what you really want is far deeper and more important than you realized?

When you intend something for your life and know your motivation behind it, you know you aren’t BS’ing yourself. It’s okay to want what you want. There are truly no rules behind that.

But by knowing your motivation behind your intention, you can decide if what you say you want is really what you want, or if you just want to feel a certain way. If that’s the case, can you find a way to feel what you want without having your intention met?

Intention? Motivation? These two questions together could really shine a bright light on your deepest desires.

Oh! And my intention for this winter?

To embrace the darkness with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the earth as she rests after a busy period of growth and harvest. My motivation behind the intention is to feel alert and alive, motivated by whatever I’m doing that day: coaching, writing, enjoying time with my boyfriend, playing in the snow with my dogs, and going out with friends. To feel energetic to create whatever I want in my life.

And man, that feels good.

Your Turn:  Do you have intentions for your life? Do you know what’s motivating you? Leave a comment below, or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com

I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest you can leave behind.

Bloom On!

Seeds of Kindness Bloom and Bloom and Bloom…