When you don't get what you want

We all have goals, dreams, wants, or desires. And we take steps toward what we want thinking we’re headed in the right direction. You thought the new relationship was “it”, the different job would be a better fit, or something you bought would solve your problems…

And it didn’t work. You didn’t get what you wanted. Roadblock.  pouting



And one more shit for good measure.

It’s SO frustrating isn’t it?

Especially when you’ve put time, energy, and/or money into it.

There are no mistakes. I really believe this.

If you weren’t supposed to have the experience you had or are having… you wouldn’t be having it. You’d be having a different one. Follow me?

So since you’re having it, really the most helpful thing you can do is decide how you want to react to the fact that you aren’t getting what you want.

Roadblocks suck, but I’ve come to realize they serve a bigger purpose than just the frustration they cause.

It’s your opportunity to ask, why is this roadblock here?

I often think of that little thing called universal intervention. Maybe whatever you’re wanting is not in your best interest at this moment. Now isn’t the time. Or that other person, the job, or the thing you spent money on just wasn’t the right fit. That usually means there’s a better fit somewhere. You may not know where at the moment but if your dream really matters you’ll keep looking. And eventually you’ll find what you need. Whether that comes from something else, someone else, or within you.

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