When you get lost

I was out on a mountain bike ride last weekend. I knew where I was going, had a map, and headed out. I passed several trail signs which confirmed I was going the right direction. After a while, I didn’t see those trail signs anymore. I knew I had somehow gotten off the path. Again! Dang!

I am notorious for starting out with a plan, losing my way, then getting lost and having it now work out.

Life is SO like this.


How often do you find yourself somewhere you didn’t expect or want to be?

Does that mean your goal was wrong?

Sometimes we start on a path we think is the right one for us, then it takes us somewhere unexpected and we wonder if we were actually on the right path at all to begin with.

You’ll know it’s right because you’ll “feel” it. What?

The paths that are true and right for us are felt in a special place in our bodies.

I’m not talking about “that” special place. ;) Hear me out.

Some of us feel it at a gut level, some in our hearts, some in a place that can’t really be put into words. For some it’s a “knowing”, for others it a sense of rightness, or lightness, or peace.

Our paths are rarely just straight, from point A to point B.

We are never truly lost. We’re just where we are on our own path.

Occasionally, the path we’re on starts off feeling great but then something happens and it’s not so great anymore. Some paths end at that point. And that’s okay. Maybe you were only supposed to be with that person, that job, or in that city for a certain amount of time and then it was time to make a change.

How do you know when it’s time to change the path you’re on?

When continuing the direction you’re headed in doesn’t feel right in your body anymore. There’s tension, and yuck, and no way out….

The change could take the form of a slight shift, or it could be you need to move in a completely different direction.

No wrong answer. It’s your path.

By the way, I found my way back to the correct trail. I got out my map which told me nothing about where I was or needed to go. I just stopped for a few moments and listened to where my body thought I should go.

Worked like a charm.

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~ Susan Get Outside and Nurture Your Life