Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Book Review

Since what is most important to me is creating a fulfilling life on my terms and helping my clients do the same, I read many books that help me discover ways to do that even more. Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, is a 900 page book full of magic and practicality.

Dr. Northrup provides a new framework in which women can utilize their inner wisdom through their bodies and emotions to create physical and emotional health and healing, starting for themselves, then extending to family, their community, and the world.

Broken down into 3 parts, the first is only 100 pages and sets the basis for the rest of the book. After that you can skip around as much as you want, reading various chapters, or sections within chapters. That’s what I did. That way I could read exactly what perked my attention at the moment.

In Part one, titled From External Control to Inner Guidance,

Dr. Northrup says, “our bodies and their symptoms are our biggest allies in learning to live fully from the inside out. Our bodies never lie. They are impeccable barometers of how well we’re living in the present and taking care of ourselves”. She does a fabulous job of taking what is seen as woo-woo by many (which has now been scientifically proven time and again), and making it practical for every woman to listen to and understand the relationship of her thoughts, her emotions, and how they show up physically.

She talks candidly about the mind/body connection and how the two are linked via the immune, endocrine, central nervous system, and connective tissue systems. Mind-body research is confirming what ancient healing traditions have always known: that the body and mind are a unity. There is no disease that isn’t mental, and emotional, as well as physical.

She goes on to discuss how our bodies are dynamic, ever-changing fields of energy and not static structures. Our thoughts and emotions effect change on a biochemical level in our bodies.

From the quantum physics perspective, at the subatomic level, energy (which can also be called spirit) and matter are interchangeable. Matter is the densest form of spirit and spirit is the lightest form of matter. We can view our bodies as manifestations of spiritual energy.

Our mind, daily thoughts, and emotions set up an electromagnetic field around us and every cell in our body. That energy attracts to us our vibrational equivalent. This is known as the law of attraction, and is the most fundamental law that governs the universe. Like is attracted to like. As we vibrate, so we attract.

The mind can no longer be thought of as being confined to the brain or to the intellect; it exists in every cell of our bodies.

Every thought we think is accompanied by an emotion or feeling, and every emotion creates a specific biochemical reality in our bodies. Thoughts that we think over and over again become beliefs. Beliefs drive our behavior.

In order to truly heal on the deepest level and give our cells the live message that creates health, we need to update our beliefs, feel our true feelings and choose thoughts that are more uplifting and healing, affirming our worthiness and lovability. Our past is not our destiny. Our power to change is now. Beliefs have a vibrational energy and become biology. You have the power to change them.

In part two, The Anatomy of Women’s Wisdom, Dr. Northrup walks the reader through the various parts of a women’s body and experience.

Included are her uterus, ovaries, menstrual cycle, breasts, fertility, motherhood, and menopause. With her vast experience as a physician she engages the reader with an amazing amount of information about woman’s natural hormonal cycles and rhythms, and how we can tap into and use our inner wisdom to gain understanding of what is going on in our bodies. She shares many stories of her patients, their physical problems, and how they were able to utilize their inner wisdom to help them make the best choices for their situation. She also includes a multitude of treatment options.

In part three, she continues with the Woman’s Wisdom Program for Flourishing and Healing.

She provides 12 steps with instruction for tuning into the inner guidance of your body, mind, and spirit. Additional chapters are about how to get the most out of your medical care, eating to flourish, the power of movement, and how healing ourselves first can heal the world. She has an extensive list of resources at the end of the book.

If you are an individual that is inspired by the intimate connection of the mind and body and how you can use that information to make the perfect decisions for your health, then I highly recommend this book. It continues to be updated as new information comes to light. It is like a favorite old stuffed animal, tucked on the shelf, and available for comfort and sound advice when needed. Her website is www.drnorthrup.com.

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today. I really do appreciate it and hope you found it helpful. As always, take from here what works for you, share with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest, you can leave behind. Bloom On! Susan P.S. What books have made a difference in your life, that have shown you a new or different way to create it on your terms?  Leave a comment below or email me, coachwithsusan@hotmail.com