You don't need a reason

I have a personal story to share. You may judge me for it (or not). That’s okay. What happened was so interesting to me that I thought it was worth letting you in on it. I work part-time at our local REI store. A co-worker asked if I would switch a shift with her because she was having child care issues. This came at a time when I was really tired. She wanted me to work the late shift. It’s a hard one and I was already just pooped. I honored where I was in that moment and told her no I couldn’t.

The next time I saw her when we were both working, I asked if she was able to get her shift switched and she said no. Then she added, “everyone had a reason they couldn’t work”. I didn’t give her a reason, I just said no.

Let me tell you about the guilt that washed over me in that moment. All sorts of thoughts came up. She has a child; I should have helped her out. I’m selfish. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. Oh the karma gods are going to come back at me for this one.

I actually stopped and asked the universe in my mind if that was what was going to happen to me.


Not two minutes later, a woman approached me and asked if my name was Susan. She proceeded to tell me that I sold her a pair of shoes a few weeks back and she thanked me for selling her the most wonderful comfortable shoes she’d ever worn. She sought me out in the store to come and tell me that.

Right then I knew the universe had responded to my question about karma. Not switching my work shift with my coworker was not going to send bad juju my way.

I had truly honored where I was in that moment and how I was feeling when I said no. What I needed was to work when I was scheduled for that day and rest later.

We can’t be all things to all people all the time. We have to honor our own truth. I did.

It doesn’t mean I won’t help her out in the future. She’s a fantastic woman. We’ve traded shifts before.

I didn’t need a reason to say no.

No matter what my reason I didn’t need to share it with her.

You don’t need a reason either.

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