You have a Natural Side to Nurture

We all have a natural side that yearns to be nurtured. But what the heck does that mean? When I think of you natural side, I think of the parts of you that flow through life with ease. Take my good friend, Lola for example, (not her real name). Lola loves to solve problems. Loves it! Give her a problem to solve and she is in her zone. Time falls away or flies by, she’s having a ball, and she has great energy. It comes naturally to her. Which is why she has chosen a career where she gets to solve problems. She gets great satisfaction from doing so. She feels filled up and all is well in her world. a woman painting

Now take my friend Lydia (not her real name either), who is an accountant. She’s pretty good at it but time doesn’t fly by when she’s doing it, she feels drained, and her excitement level about it is, pretty meh. She is not nurturing her natural side. She is fighting against it. Continuing to do what’s not working, is not going to get you to what will work.

These may be career examples but you can notice this is any area of your life.

Wondering what’s really natural for you?

Think of it this way. What are the things you do you could do all day that are fun, time stands still, and you have a lot of energy doing it?

What people are you with?

What environments are you in?

What conversations are you having?

Are you alone?

Are you outside?

What are you doing?

This is how you find out what’s natural for you. There’s an ease to it. A flow. A rhythm. It doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging, but overall it just feels right, like you’ve come home. You think, yes. This.

Why is it important to nurture this? Because this is how you get filled up, how you get energy, feel good, enjoy life. It’s that simple. Spend all of your time doing what doesn’t feel natural and life isn’t going to feel so good. Spend at least some of your time nurturing the good stuff… you (plug in how you would feel here).

Then what do you do once you’ve found what feels natural? You make damn sure it’s part of your life. If it isn’t, you schedule it on your calendar and you make it happen. You get rid of things on your calendar that don’t nurture your natural side as much as you possibly can.

I know it might be hard, I know you might be afraid. But you know what, it’s your life. You are the only one who can live it and choose what you do with your time.

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