You keeping in tune with you

My dog child Kona and I hike together a lot. He’ll be off leash running ahead up the trail, off to the right, then the left, peeing on bushes, stopping to sniff the air, and chew on something occasionally. After a short time he’ll stop and look back for me. To check in. To make sure his home base is there. Safe. Secure. He and I are always in tune. He knows what’s going on with me and I with him.

As humans, we are our own home base. This doesn’t mean we don’t rely on others to help us out sometimes. I believe we need to. We can’t do it all alone. At the end of the day however, you are the you, you spend the most time with.

But how often are you really in touch with the home base that is you?  balancing rocks

Do you know when you are physically hungry, or tired? If you are emotionally happy in your relationships, fulfilled with your work? Mentally feeling positive, or negative, or spiritually connected?

We lead such busy lives today, pulled in so many directions (though I honestly believe we choose how busy we are), that we rarely check back in, with ourselves. Often I think we avoid checking in because we might find something uncomfortable, or some truth we really don’t want to face.

I can tell you from personal experience, the longer you stay disconnected and out of tune, keep pushing forward, hoping your feelings of disconnect will go away, the more disconnected, out of tune, and unhappy you become.

I did that when I stayed in a marriage that was past over, and in a career that took me so far out of my natural rhythm, they both caused me headaches and gastrointestinal issues. Those are you first clues (hint-hint) that things are awry in your life. Physical symptoms. I can tell you, when you get sick because of stress, it’s because you are out of tune with you and not taking action to get back into balance. Your immune system is down because you are out of whack. When you live a healthy balanced life that works for you, your immune system will be strong and keep almost all illnesses away.

The only way I got back on track with my life was when I finally got back in tune with me. I had to stop, focus, and listen. If your quality of life matters to you, then I invite you to take the time to discover where you are both in tune, and out of it.

Discovering where you are out of tune is just information. Information for you to use however you’d like.

Maybe you only need to take one step towards getting back into tune. Maybe it’s having a conversation with someone. Maybe it’s getting 20 more minutes of sleep at night. Maybe it’s saying no to a project.

It’s your life, treat it like you matter.

Are you in tune with you?

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I am grateful to be able to spend some time with you virtually today. Thank you.

As always, take from here what works for you, share this with your friends if you think they might benefit, and the rest… you can leave behind.

Bloom On!