You only need to stay in your business

Byron Katie from teaches that there are three kinds of business. It is so powerful that I teach it to my clients. The three businesses are yours, other people’s, and God’s (the universe, or reality).

You have absolutely no control over other people’s business or that of the universe.  notyourbusiness

You can’t control if someone will like you, if they’ll do what you want them to do, feel the way you want them to feel, or live their life in the way you think is best for them. That’s their job.

You also can’t control if it’s going to rain today or if there will be a war in some country next week. That’s the universe’s job.

What you do have control over is you.

Your thoughts.

Your feelings.

Your actions.

Your reactions.

That’s it.

But we spend a lot of time worried about how other people live their lives, especially when we think what they do will affect us.

We think we know what’s best for someone else. We can’t know. That’s their job.

It’s helpful to remember that we all act out of our own fears, belief systems, and desires. We are all entitled to want what we want.

If you really think someone is going to affect your life in an unsafe way, then by all means, say something. But in the end, remember that your power lies within you regardless of what they do or don’t do.

If you want someone to think, feel, act, and be other than they are, then you are in their business. If you’re in their business you are out of your own business. You aren’t in your life.

And isn’t one life (yours) already enough to worry about.

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