Your Mental Side Needs Nurturing Too

Every emotion you feel comes from a thought you think. Did you know that?

I’ll repeat that again. Every emotion you feel comes from a thought you think.

What does that mean?

Let me break it down. WOMAN-THOUGHT-BUBBLE

Life happens. Circumstances happen. These are facts.

Facts like, you slept past your alarm, someone ran a red light and hit your car, or your boss yelled at you. Facts.

Facts have no story around them. They are just facts. Period.

Now, we usually have a thought about the facts that happen.

For example:

Fact: You slept past your alarm. No story here, just fact.

Then the story comes in forms of thought, like, OMG I’m going to be late to work and my boss will be mad, or, I’m a moron.

These are all thoughts.

Each of these thoughts will create an emotion in you.

The OMG thought might create a feeling of fear.

The I’m a moron thought might create a feeling of shame.

Emotions don’t come without a thought before them.

We have thoughts because of circumstances or facts in our lives.

Being hit by a car is a fact. Your thoughts (or story) about the idiot jerk who hit you, how much money it’s going to cost, how much time this will waste, are all thoughts. These thoughts will create your emotions. Possibly anger, fear, disgust, disappointment… the list can go on and on.

But guess what?

You get to choose your thoughts. Any time you want.

Want to feel better? Choose a thought that makes you feel better.

Say your boss yells at you. Fact.

Your thought could be, he’s an ass. So how would you feel if you thought your boss was an ass? Something tells me it wouldn’t feel so great.

Your thought could also be, maybe he or she is having a bad day, maybe they didn’t get enough sleep last night. How might you feel differently with those thoughts?


I’m not saying you don’t need to talk to your boss about the fact that you were yelled at, but notice the thoughts you are having about being yelled at, and the emotions that come up because of those thoughts.

The thoughts you think about any circumstance in life will create your emotions. Those emotions will drive how you handle various situations.

You get to choose how you feel by choosing what you think.

Want to feel angry? Think angry thoughts.

Want to feel happy? Think a thought that will make you feel happy.

How you feel emotionally is completely up to you and under your control.

No one can make you feel any certain way without your permission.

People can’t upset you, situations can’t upset you, only you can upset you.

Empower yourself.

Think your thoughts on purpose.

Be conscientious.

Nurture your mental side.

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