What others are saying about working with me:

Susan is amazing to work with!  She is so positive and brings such a bright energy to every interaction.  She also has a way of making connections that I could never see in a million years!  This happened so many times - a lightbulb going off, an ah-ha moment.  And her ability to see the big picture so clearly was also extremely beneficial.  After working with her, I feel better prepared to handle turning points in my life.  I would highly recommend her for life coaching! 

~ Megan, New York City

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"I found you as I was looking to connect with someone who could help me find or create my own direction. I can never thank you enough for your willingness to lend a hand when I was at one of the worst states in my life. I felt very stuck, alone, and lost. While working together, my mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health were rapidly improving as I became more relaxed, confident, and calm. And I finally found my way back to my sense of purpose. I was so sure that my priorities at the beginning were the most correct choices I made, but apparently my body and soul had another decision. You literally helped me to stay sane and alive by offering me hope and possibilities. You did all of that with the bonus of providing me a safe space to share my experiences."  

~ Francine, Australia 

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“Before I met Susan, I was in a very dark place. My mind was full of thoughts that perpetuated feelings of low self worth, unhappiness and confusion. I couldn’t figure out how to break out of this mindset. Susan was a ray of sunshine that, with one of her simple questions during our first talk, shot into my dark, closed mindset and illuminated truth. It broke my dark thought patterns and led me towards forgiveness and acceptance for myself. Susan is a genius at pointing out the qualities we often overlook in ourselves, that we have either forgotten or never realized were there. She has offered me multiple tools and encouragement to grow stronger in the person I am and to follow the path that –I—feel is right for –ME—”.

~ Amy, Fairbanks, Alaska


“Susan has an inspiring, positive energy that makes her easy to work with and easy to talk to. She goes beyond the surface level of an issue and gets to the reason behind the issue so that you can not only solve the current problem but also have the skills to tackle similar problems that may arise in your life. Since working with Susan I have completely changed my perspective on life and I’m a much happier person”.      

~ Susan, Georgia  

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I came to Susan at a point in my life when I was ripe for change. I’d been contemplating various actions, but felt stuck in my situation and blocked in my mind.  Susan’s coaching helped pin down my swirling thoughts and fears as she showed me how to compassionately but firmly question if what I’d been believing was actually true.  She provided me a safe place to fall apart when needed, she accepted me unconditionally and cheered each time I succeeded.  Working with her was such a gift!  I came away knowing myself better and seeing my situation with a clearer, more empowered perspective.What’s more, Susan’s coaching provided the nudge I needed to make the changes I was yearning for.  My time spent with her was an invaluable experience – it changed the course of my life in so many good ways”.

  ~ Emily, Washington                                                 

“My sessions with Susan are always illuminating and refreshing. She asks insightful questions that invariably yield self-realization and the laughter of recognition.  She directly but gently digs for what’s really going on so we can deal with the specific issues that are causing me pain or keeping me from moving forward, whether they are untrue stories I tell myself, fears about the future or confusion about what to do next. When we finish I feel clearer, lighter, and ready for action. As I tell her nearly every time we talk “Damn, you’re good”! 

~ Deborah, Arizona

“Susan is a compassionate and dedicated coach. When I am too tough on myself, she helps me by showing me how to be kind and loving, and when I am trying not to face my responsibilities, she holds my feet to the fire! You can’t help but come away from a coaching session with Susan with a new perspective and a renewed sense of purpose."   

~ Emily, Texas

“Susan is a great coach. Her style is direct and to the point. I tend to get off-track easily, Susan lets me go only so far and then brings me back on point. Nothing slips past her. Her instincts on what to ask and where to go from there are excellent. I have really enjoyed working with Susan”.

~ Jo, Washington

“Over the course of the 8 months I’ve worked with Susan, she has been consistently inspiring, helpful and motivating. Her calm and peaceful demeanor reigns in my overwhelmed and often wildly spiraling thoughts – all the while keeping my creativity very much alive and involved. It’s a rare skill and she’s a rare person that I’m very grateful to have worked with. Don’t hesitate! Hire her if you can”!

~ Wendy, England

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